Our Process

1. After being unpacked, each injector is cleaned externally. All o-rings, pintle caps, and inlet screens are removed at this time.

2. Next, each injector is etched with its own serial number to assist in tracking its history and performance through the cleaning and testing process.

3. Injectors then undergo an electrical resistance test.

4. Each injector is also subjected to a voltage drop or current draw test as another means of determining if the coil windings are in good condition.

5. Next, the injectors are given a pre-cleaning flow test, leak check, and spray pattern examination.

6. All injectors are then placed in the ultrasonic bath and allowed to clean for a period of time.

7. Each injector is then individually backflushed to remove any contaminants remaining inside.

8. The injectors are then placed back on the flow test machine and subjected to a battery of static and dynamic flow tests at various simulated RPM’s and pulsewidths. All test information is recorded and a copy of this information is returned to the customer.

9. Finally, the injectors are removed from the machine, fitted with new o-rings, pintle caps, and inlet screens and carefully packaged for return shipping.

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